As promised in my last article, I have decided to summarize how my end of the year went. Well, I called it a vacation, dear reader; it wasn’t; it was a mix of every valley and mountain you could think of. Life came at me. There were days, and there were days. But in all,Continue reading “INSIGHTS FROM MY VACATION”


Disclaimer: This is not a serious article, we are going to share some shenanigans together and I would be giving you a glimpse into my world. In May 2020, I shared thoughts and events in my life here on Accumulated Thoughts. Since then, I haven’t shared activities or shenanigans in my life with you, as IContinue reading “MY WORLD”


Call: Story story, Response: Story I have had the honour of having really interesting conversations in my life. I meet people every day and I’m excited when I engage in spontaneous conversations. On a sunny Sunday, after church service in Lagos, Nigeria. I boarded a 14 seater commercial bus and I got the best seat 😁.Continue reading “STORY…”


No? Yes! No! 😃 If you have been consistent with this page, I believe you are familiar with positive vibes on this page. So NO? 🤷‍♀️, No connotes negativity right? I probably should be writing on Yes! I agree, I totally do. In the last piece – Identity (2)?, I shared something along the linesContinue reading “NO!”

Accumulated Thoughts

Disclaimer: This is not a serious post, we are going to share some shenanigans together 🤣 Do you ever take note of your thoughts? weird, important, sweet, annoying thoughts? How about your activities? I do not mean the “life achievement”, “goal-driven” kinda activities. Simple activities such as eating, taking a walk, conversations, listening to music?Continue reading “Accumulated Thoughts”


My name is Tolulope Abimbola, and yes I am blogging officially for the first time. In the real world, I shuffle between information technology support, sharing my thoughts on my Whatsapp status, communicating with people as often as I need to, listening to and discovering new music, writing picture quotes for Instagram, communicating with GodContinue reading “NEWBIE!!!”