As I sit to type this, Gratitude by Brandon Lake is playing in my spirit. These lyrics in particular:

“Come on my soul, don’t you get shy on me,

Lift up your song cause you’ve got a lion inside of those lungs,

Get up and praise the Lord!”

My new year is finally here! Look who is grateful. When I think of what the past year has looked like, I believe gratitude is all I have to express. My inner circle knows how much I valued the past year, from March 2020 to March 2021. Alas, whatever has a beginning indeed has an end, and a new dawn is here! A whole new year to live out! Chart new territories, face new battles, build capacity, and most importantly, kiss the waves!

Whoop Whoop ! for the second time in my life so far, it’s blissful to anticipate a new year, not knowing what the year will look like or the many journeys I will embark on. There is a child-like curiosity in me to see what my new age births. However, I am silently reminded that my decisions will also determine my destiny. Hence, I had better submit myself to the best decisions in line with who I am and Heaven’s vision for me.

Happy Birthday Tolulope Inspire. Image Source: Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

And so, on this note, the writer scripts her birthday wishes to herself:
“Tolulope, never lose your essence,
Tolulope, keep your wide-eyed wonder of your Abba and His creation,
Tolulope, keep pushing the frontiers, never stop dreaming, never stop growing,
Tolulope, I would still love you at a hundred and shake my head in silent wonder at how far your ABBA’s grace has carried you.
Cheers to new stories and territories in this new year 💫💙.”

The Perspective Podcast is live for 2021, it has some sweet extras that were not written in the article. And of course, Galeria for March is up too, specially crafted for you! Additionally, I would appreciate your kind wishes and prayers today. Thank you!

P.S: Bliss, Hope, and Joy

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