As promised in my last article, I have decided to summarize how my end of the year went. Well, I called it a vacation, dear reader; it wasn’t; it was a mix of every valley and mountain you could think of. Life came at me. There were days, and there were days. But in all, I chose to stay on the Creator. Besides, how do I have perspectives to share if I didn’t go through all that.

Are you a planner? or someone stuck on a routine? I work best with schedules. I plan my month, week, and day ahead. I decided to stop writing articles early in December because I had a list of intense activities to accomplish before 2020 ran out. Guess what? All I drafted out for December with specific dates turned upside down. I had to make several impromptu trips, coordinate a project, a webinar, and be outdoor more than I planned. I have been an indoor person since Covid19; it’s bliss for me. But, December decided to switch on me. I had to make visits, coordinate travel and arrival plans for Christmas with the family. I had physical events to attend, and I was on the road on Christmas day. Additionally, I was low on cash and needed funds for my many activities. But what I have learned through all these many unforeseen activities and cash-strapped moments are:

  1. Keep going even if things or life doesn’t go as planned. It’s more stressful, yes, and you have to stretch yourself to find other ways to ensure your balls are properly juggled. But like I always say, capacity is being built.
  2. Do you believe in a Creator? If you do then, be very balanced in Him, trust that He won’t let you fall flat on your face even when there are any stumbling blocks.
  3. Do you want to live life and have stories to tell? Then accept the unplanned. Additionally, you have more moments to capture like I did below. The writer in a train and the writer on an early morning walk.

Moving on from 2020, What’s for the year 2021? You ask me, well I should let you know that I will be learning two new skills this year. I have put it out here, so I have to do it and show you a sample of my work. So yes, I will be acquiring skills in graphics design and disc jockeying.

Are you wondering if I am changing career paths? Well, yes and no. However, I’m multidimensional, just as the Creator who made the universe. Hence, I am committed to doing my best to serve the world with all my gifting and abilities—cheers to me going through learning phases to acquire new skills.

This is what inspired my Disc Jockey journey.

What’s for 2021 for you? I would love to hear from you. The comment section is open, and you can also write to me at Whatever you have planned out for 2021, I hope you hear my voice cheering you on. I hope you listen to me saying, “cheers to your processes and your becoming.” My heart is filled with love for you, and I’m glad I get to share with you. Additionally, Galería has been published for February.

P.S: Viva La Vida

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  1. Paradigm shifting piece of literature. Moments well captured and scripted. My intention of learning A.I, big data, cloud computing & Learning to understand and speak Spanish might just have been strengthened. Thank you

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