Dear reader,

This journey started in April 2020, and a total of twenty-nine (29) articles have been posted on the site. This article would be the thirtieth (30th ) article for 2020.

It’s been my utmost pleasure and honor to pour out my heart to you in writing, but more importantly, it’s been a beautiful delight that you have taken this journey with me by subscribing to the site, following the site, or being an active reader.

2020 has been a year, and the decade is just starting, yes? With the events in the world, my nation, and my life, the writer is going on a temporary break to resume back in 2021. It’s been a year where every high and every low was experienced, but again they are part of our stories to be told, so I am thankful for life and the life of you, my dear reader.

You can catch me on Twitter (@listeningscribe and @tolulopeinspire) and Instagram (@tolulopeinspire), where I would still be active. Also, you can write to me at It would be a delight to hear from you!

Additionally, Galeria is up for December. I created them with the season at heart. You should check and find one that speaks to your soul here. I have two pictures I would like to share with you from my studio sessions by @dextersstudios, I had the time of my life, and I was treated like the Queen that I am, enjoy!!!

P.S: Till you read from me again, keep up hope. Light and love, a merry Christmas, and a happy new year to you and yours, but more importantly: VIVA LA VIDA.

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