I am sure there are several acronyms for FEAR, but the most common would be False Evidence Appearing Real. I decided to write about fear because I recently experienced a breakthrough from fear. When the second half of the year started, I had dreams and plans; I started preparing for them. However, weeks and months down the line, opportunities to achieve these dreams and plans began to show up. Now guess who started dancing around them? I, the big planner and dreamer, Tolulope Inspire.

Oh well, I started writing them in my goals for the month, goals for the week, etc. But upon evaluation, they were never marked or ticked off the list. Let me share a tiny secret with you; the podcast launched on October 31st, 2020, was one of them. Before I share the story behind my podcast’s launch, I would like to ask you some questions: who is in your support structure? Who are you accountable for your goals and dreams? So as earlier mentioned, the podcast launch was not getting ticked off my list. Hence I reached out to my accountability partner, or she reached out to me. I can’t remember how exactly it happened, but I confessed that I needed help. She surprised me by going on a phone call with me and also coming to see me physically.

Take the leap between here and there: Photo by Sammie Vasquez on Unsplash

By reaching out to my accountability partner, I understood the real reason behind my holding back on launching the podcast. We discovered that it was a mix of several emotions, but it was fear deep down beneath it all. So I started taking little steps by speaking up to my community of growth, which is also a part of my support structure. I shared my ideas with them, and I started creating the cover art for the podcast. Guess what! They started bombarding me with ideas and corrections. They voted and decided on the podcast’s name, the tagline, and the cover art. Hence, it was clear that I had to launch the podcast, and fear was destabilized through accountability.

Another story I would like to share is about my other goals that were also not getting ticked off the list. These goals required applications and strategic steps. However, this time around, another member of my support structure hunted me down. He started asking why I was lagging. I burst into tears because I couldn’t explain it! Three days after that conversation, my mind was gripped in fear, fear that I wasn’t worth it, fear that I didn’t have convincing criteria, and the likes. But hey! Look who successfully ticked off these applications and sealing the deal with strategic steps. But how did I break out of the fear that held my mind for three days? This one wasn’t about logic, accountability, or speaking up. It was prayers and spiritual leadership. During prayers, a prophetic declaration broke my mind free from fear, and now I am ticking these goals off my list. In this life, you need God, and you need wisdom. Besides, who is the source of all wisdom? God!

Don’t listen to the voices telling you “you are not worth it”, PRAY about your fears : Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

In conclusion, I have discovered that in life, you need support structures and accountability partners. Whenever FEAR is holding you back or limiting you from achieving stuff, they can speak into your life and give you the needed push. More importantly, prayers to God breaks the hold of fear completely.
P.S: This is available on the podcast, so you can visit Tolulope Inspire and hear my quirky laughs. Additionally, this may be my last article for the month. But I would have a Perspective thread on Twitter by the last week of the month; you can follow me on Twitter @tolulopeinspire.

P.S: Viva La Vida

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9 thoughts on “FEAR

  1. We have to use our imagination to calm, not scare ourselves ( FEAR)· We shouldn’t let the momentum subside……thank so much for this piece…..more grace.

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  2. This has set 2020 on track for me.The massive support structure, beautiful accountability cascade, and most importantly, Prayers and confessions.Thank you for sharing Tolulope.

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