Spoiler Alert: Dear readers, I have three exciting news to share, but you would have to read to the end to discover what they are. 

When we hear growth, it sounds cliche. It is almost general knowledge that you need growth in all aspects of your life. You need to evolve. You need to crave growth all year long, and all life long. More importantly, you cannot be satisfied with the status quo or where you are. All of these are true. I am the champion and cheerleader for growth. Without growth, I wouldn’t have launched the blog or written my first article.

Unfortunately, growth comes with so much unease, pain, fighting both internal and external battles. As always, my articles do not seek to spread negativity, but to share my perspective on this journey of life. To reassure you, my dear reader, that I understand you. And that I can relate to your process. Processes are essential for success and when the success story comes, we may tend to forget what the process looked like if we get high on success.

Evolve. Image Source: Suzanne D. Williams on Unsplash

So yes, the unease of growth, I would like to say that growth happens by intentionally deciding that you want a change from the status quo. And once your mindset is ready, oh! Opportunities start coming for growth. Opportunities such as training, coaching, mentoring, pain, inspiration, disappointment, and so on. In most cases, I have discovered that the opportunity for growth does not come as something we are used to. Hence, we tend to shy away from it, but this limits our growth in life. Sometimes growth may also come through something you have always heard about, but never paid much attention to, or considered important. But more importantly, an opportunity for growth brings a lot of challenges that test your commitment to your initial determination to grow. My growth thus far in 2020 came from three places: coaching, books, and pain. Pain and coaching were the greatest opportunities for me to be stretched and to learn new approaches to life and human relations. I have also learnt how to evolve from defeating mentalities and mindsets.

Image Source: Hello I’m Nik 🎞 on Unsplash

Although I must tell you, it was not a process that came easily. It came with burning bridges. It came with dying to my temporary desires. It came with discipline. It came with building a structure. It came with breaking habits, and I must tell you it’s still an ongoing process. But I think the greatest battle I have fought so far in this growth journey was the internal battle. I had to fight against my stereotypical mindset and mentalities. Everything I have believed in for over two decades of my life got tested. I had to fight my self-esteem. I used to think I had pretty good self-esteem. Still, my self-esteem got questioned so badly it took positive words from my support structure who unknowingly, by their positive words, made me believe in myself again because I sometimes did not see much in me.

In conclusion, I would like to say that if you crave growth or want to see radical changes in your life, it comes with painful sacrifices that ALWAYS – with emphasis on the always – yield positive results. It comes with a lot of unease, things you are not used to. It requires flexibility and breaking your stereotypical way of doing things. But is it worth it? Yes and Amen of course it is.

Exciting News:

  • If you would love to hear my voice reading this article to you as though I was having a physical conversation with you, or you have ever imagined how I talk when reading my articles; you should listen to me here and subscribe to hear more of my voice.
Image Source: The Perspective Podcast
  • I love picture quotes, and I have a page here on the site that features a monthly collection of picture quotes with new quotes published at the beginning of a new month. You can check out the collection for October here on Galería. I would share with you the collection for November once it is up.
Image Source: Perspectives
  • Lastly, I transcribed spoken words into written words for the first time in a Perspective thread on Twitter. You can catch the full story on Twitter @tolulopeinspire and Facebook Tolulope Inspire.

I am always rooting for you, my dear reader.

P.S: Viva La Vida

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5 thoughts on “GROWTH

  1. Sometimes last year, I asked a friend whom I perceived was growing how to grow. He gave me a very long list of what to do and what not to do. I looked at that list and I am like nah!! fastforward to 2020, I am doing all those things. For me like you said, I made up my mind and avoided being overwhelmed. I decided to gradually tick them off and then add more. long story short, it is intentional, painful but would definitely yield.
    Thank tolulope for inspiring me again

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the trifold blessings.
    Little did I know that I was nudging myself also.
    Thank you for yielding the call.
    Spotify just became more fun for me.
    I will be sure to follow your your advice on growth process.


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