Disclaimer: This is not a serious article, we are going to share some shenanigans together and I would be giving you a glimpse into my world.

In May 2020, I shared thoughts and events in my life here on Accumulated Thoughts. Since then, I haven’t shared activities or shenanigans in my life with you, as I have only written serious articles.

I am glad to bring you my activities, shenanigans, and life experiences in the past few months. Here we go:

  • I had a getaway in June after the compulsory lockdown for my nation, Nigeria, was eased. In June, I also wrote about my “City-Love.” Your guess is as good as mine. My getaway was to my city-love. I saw my loved ones, and I took tonnes of pictures.
  • In the last few months, I have had to make significant decisions. Decisions such as deciding strictly on my inner circle, dedication to certain sources of wisdom, amongst others. But I am happier and at peace with my little decisions.

  • The Queen – Tolulope Inspire – invested in dresses 🀫. If you read Hot Legs, you would know that I love to dress in a tee and jeans most of the time. But I contacted El’s Creativity and invested in outfits to improve my wardrobe.
  • I signed up again for active volunteering after taking a long break. I currently serve as an Ambassador of peace with the Peacepace Initiative here in Nigeria.
  • In September, Get up and Go Colombia, an organization that conducts tourism for peace, hosted a virtual tourism event with Nigeria as one of their tourist locations. The director of the Peacepace initiative selected me as as one of the presenters for the event. I have never done a virtual presentation before. I was nervous, but yes! We did it, thanks to support from the Peacepace ambassadors, friends, and family.

  • I have a full head of hair, and I haven’t had a cut in four months; I am trying to grow out my hair to a certain level before styling.
  • My friend got engaged on her birthday😍.
  • I did not cook a meal in six months because I was not home for more than five months. I was in a hotel, and my meals were from the hotel’s kitchen(I’d show you a picture of a meal from the hotel’s kitchen). But guess who has been making perfect meals without messing one up since September – I am a champ😁 by the Creator’s grace.
  • I have added a considerable amount of weight in the last three months πŸ™ˆ.
  • I am currently into research, writing, and content development. And it is blissful.

If you read to this point, thank you. However, the most crucial thought from my heart I would like to share is that God – The Creator – gives us identity and acceptance. This gives us the support and courage to be all we ever hope or dream to be.

Till you read from me again, light and love to you and yours.

P.S: Viva La Vida

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