Do you see God in everything? This journey I have embarked on with Perspectives was majorly inspired by this: everything I have seen, heard, or experienced in life, I see that God is in everything.

There is no creation without a creator. If you are one for the evolution theory, you are more than welcome to take this ride with me. But again, I repeat, there is no creation without a creator. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb; Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone; Benjamin Franklin invented bifocal glasses; The Wright brothers invented the aeroplane, and the list continues.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here. Artificial intelligence is ruling the world. Who created Artificial Intelligence? Who wrote the bots’ programs – I understand that technological advancements would mean we have bots who can also write programs, but before we go into such advancements – humans, yes?

Let’s bring it closer to the “every day,” “little,” and maybe “mundane things.” Who is writing this? – a human I am writing this. What about your favourite sweet and chocolate flavours, did it just appear out of thin air? or did a creator create them? I am glad to inform you that you have Joseph Fry(1847) and the Egyptians (2000BC) to thank for the favourite flavours you enjoy and the sensations you get when the flavours melt on your tastebud.

Image Source: Heather Barnes on Unsplash

You can also picture this: you are in a new environment, quietly by yourself being all prim and proper, and then your favourite track comes on; I would like us to use Johnny Drille’s – Count On You as an example here. It suddenly floods over you; You have sweet thoughts; Feel the vibes; The lyrics spring up thoughts of friendship, commitment, and love, and you go, “Johnny Drille is so gifted!” Okay, the music pauses for a short while. Can you stop to think for a minute? Think about Johnny Drille’s voice, lyrical mastery, and his producer. Take your thoughts further, who created Johnny; Who gave Johnny the excellent gift of sonorous vocals; Who created the intellect for Johnny to have such lyrical mastery; Who created your mind that was in tune with the song in a moment????.

I have another creation to share with you – babies. Have you ever marvelled at the wonder of a baby? As this is an article, I would be restraining myself from writing too many words about babies here. Although, if given a chance, be rest assured that this article would lose its essence if I were to express my thoughts on babies. I will share a picture of an adorable baby here, and you can drool all you want.

Image Source: Minnie Zhou on Unsplash

Maybe it’s time we start to see God everywhere as the ultimate creator and the giver of all good and perfect gifts. I hope this spurs you into acknowledging a creator of the entire universe and, more importantly, to start living in gratitude daily for the “little things” in life.

Let’s take a step: Thank God for that device you used to read this piece.

P.S: Viva La Vida

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8 thoughts on “GOD IS EVERYWHERE

  1. Really I enjoyed every piece of this,I just smiled throughout the time I was
    reading this,reallyy felt inspired too.Thank you tolu💓

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