On the 28th of July, 2020 the stirrings came. I’m sure you are wondering what stirrings? Poetry! Poetry is what I was stirred to write. “Tolu you write poems?” πŸ™„ Oh well! I made a few attempts on Instagram(@tolulope_inspire)😁. But on the 28th of July, 2020, whilst I penned for a blog where I serve as a guest author, the stirrings of poetry came.

Today on Perspectives, I wrote a poem to my lover. “your lover? 😳” yes, you may call it a letter to my lover. I write for you my reader, I sincerely do share my perspectives for you. But hey! Why do I write if my lover doesn’t get a piece from me?Β Right πŸ˜›πŸ˜‰.

Image Source: Annie Spratt on Unsplash

I hope your heart beats in anticipation and of course love while you read:

To My Lover

On a quiet night,

The roads were empty

Or maybe they were half empty

I couldn’t tell the difference

My eyes were fixated on the road, watching and waiting

Watching and waiting for what you ask?

A car, a car was what I was watching for

A car? Why a car?

Oh! You didn’t know?

My lover drives a car

A car that sails the road smoothly

A car he manoeuvres expertly

But these Lagos roads sigh

Traffic, traffic is a menace

Lagos roads and traffic, two peas in a pod πŸ™„

Perhaps it was the traffic that held him down

Perhaps not, the pandemic was on the street

Movement had been restricted

So no! Not traffic

Oh my! When is my lover coming home?

I kept watching and waiting

I couldn’t take it anymore

I decided to indulge in other activities

Maybe this would help ease the wait

Poor me, the road called for me again with childlike hope 

I say “he’s gonna appear with the Japanese machine anytime soon”

Alas! My eyes found a quiet road

I captured the quiet road as a moment in time

I then hear a soft knock

Anticipation like a frog leapt

My lover is home?

“Listen” says my heart

Listen to what? I asked her

Dear heart, I must go and get the door

My lover is home 😁

My heart speaks again, “listen”

So I become still and listen.

I realized the knock was at the door of my heart

I asked my heart who knocked?

She answered and said

“I knocked, I knocked honey to let you know it’s time to rest”

I shook my head vigorously No! 

If he is not at the door, I have to keep watching the road

She says “it’s night, go to sleep”

“There is no more toiling at night”

“Morning is coming”

She says “the dawn is breaking”

“And when the dawn breaks”

“He will be here”

Oh! what sweet reassurance

And so I lay me down to rest

Waiting patiently for the dawn.

Silent night, watching and waiting for my lover to come home.
Image source: Samsung Triple Camera

What do you think? Poetry? Articles? Both? Would you like to read more poems? Honest opinion please πŸ˜‚.

P.S: You can read some of my writings as a guest author here.

P.S: Viva La Vida

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