Classified Information: I have had “Identity” partially drafted somewhere in a dusty corner, after a tug of war I decided to pick it off the shelf and share with the world as my muse inspired me to.

Identity according to the Oxford dictionary means “The fact of being who or what a person or thing is” It is also defined in the same dictionary as “The characteristics determining who or what a person or thing is”

Let’s start with two questions, who are you? sounds cliche right?. If you have an answer to this question, let’s take it a step further, have you ever felt the loss of your identity? (If you have, we are sitting on this table together 😄)

I would leave you to ponder on the answer to the above questions. However I would just like to quickly share my perspective on identity.

Who are you?
Image source: Photo by Ben Sweet on Unsplash

Some years ago, I lost my identity😭 I’m sure you are wondering how? oh well!, my identity, who I was at the very core of my being was tied to morals externally instilled in me by my society, community and basically what everyone who had a say about my upbringing defined me with and also who I was to be, and so when I decided to chart my path and discard all the rules defining the identity drummed into my head, I realized I felt totally lost and I was basically looking for a pointer to who I really was.

But all thanks to the creator all that is in the past and well let’s take the spotlight away from me. If you love to watch animations, did you watch Moana? When Moana embarked on her journey to destiny just like you and I are currently on a journey, she definitely faced too many storms and challenges for such a little girl, but then remember when she had to sing I am Moana, she was ready to throw in the towel at that point, then her grandma queries “Do you know who you are?” she answered by asking herself again “who am I?” and finally she found the answer to her identity from within.

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Remember Nala from Lion King, she said “I laugh in the face of danger“, Nala could laugh in the face of danger because she grew up as a lioness, as royalty, in the royal courts, she was not rolling around with Pumba and Timon(no offense, they are still my favorite characters), hence why she was motivating Simba to take up the battle for his destiny (being the rightful king of the land), she definitely knew as a princess that she was a future queen and no way would she allow Simba take that away from her 😃🙅‍♀️

Simba finally accepted to fight for his destiny by also discovering his Identity, a quick flashback to when Mufasa appeared to Simba, and told him to remember “who he was“. Immediately Simba said “I am Simba son of Mufasa“, an awakening came for him he realized he had every right to the land and to be a king as he was destined to be. He not only knew who he was but also his source/origin i. e son of Mufasa 🤩😄

Hey king! Let’s fight for this 🙅‍♀️
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Sincerely after all is said and done, I hope you realize how important it is to know who you are and that your identity is not tied to the external world around you. More importantly, in the words of Keion Henderson “You had better know who and whose you are

Let’s backtrack to my first question, who are you? and more importantly whose are you?

P.S: Viva La vida

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18 thoughts on “IDENTITY

  1. Who I am???

    This question is deep and totally needs a deep thought to give the right answer!!!

    To some,the right answer to this is making some prophetic declarations about oneself…based on religious belief…that’s perfect as well.

    But come to think of it,that your daily activities ,like what you do?,what you think?what you say?What you fear?and what strengthen you? are the real you and that who you are??

    Just my deep thought??

    I am still in the process of knowing who I am….

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    1. Hello Mary,

      I quite agree with you that this question is deep and would need a whole lot of processing to arrive at the answer.

      Yes, positive confessions are perfect , they actually help you re-orientate your mentality and reality in the long run.

      Your deep thought is accurate darling, the ability to first recognize the basic things that define you is the first and important step to knowing who you are and then you can go a step further to understand and redefine your identity if need be.

      More importantly, whose are you? This helps to clarify and redefine as often as we need to.

      The process of knowing who you are is a beautiful journey with no time-limit, rediscover your identity, and fall absolutely in love with yourself. I wish you all the bliss and perfection in the world on this journey.


  2. .
    I can relate to that identity issue but as at today and forever, I know I am an intelligent, awesome and beautiful daughter of God.
    The knowledge of who you are and more importantly whose you are makes you worry less about situations or challenges around you because you know its a phase,it would pass,it won’t destroy YOU because you have a backup and that’s God.

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    1. Hello, Annie so you are sitting on the table with us lol!, I’m glad to read your perspective. it’s delightful and true. I am highlighting the word “Phases” because I hope to hear from you in the next post also.

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  3. You see this very write-up in particular, I love it. I have been lost on this table and thought It was just me, this season gave me an opportunity to self introspect and now I Understand who I am and whose I am.
    These same questions were asked in the movie “Overcomer”, I mean very inspiring, you should go see it if you haven’t.

    I am the daughter of the KING! I mean God, and this is not in any way been religious, it’s just what it is. My identity is in the one who created me and this isn’t dependent on the world’s view. This is a deep topic but God has been helping me with the Bible as my manual.

    I am still on my journey to full maturity but it’s something I am conscious about now and will keep reminding myself of.

    Thank you for this piece darling.

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    1. Your comment hit me at the right spot. Thank you for stepping on it 🙌😭. Let me share a secret, this piece was supposed to be linked to the movie ” Overcomer” but my muse said “hold on” so I wrote as I was inspired. Religious no waaaayyyy it’s a FACT. Please keep up the remembrance process it’s essential for as often as you forget pick up your reminder . You are always welcome ❤❤❤


  4. Who I am first before of whose I am!!! Amma think again about it. Truth be told I’m still trying know who I am even though I already know of whose I am.
    But then I’m glad that I’m not trying to be who my background says I should be, I’m trying to be better and to always not loose myself in this journey. Thank you for this piece my lover💙💙💙

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    1. The first line🙌. In this Journey of finding your identity, I’m glad that you are not tied to external definitions may your arrival be peaceful . You are welcome always baby girl💙


  5. Its of great importance that we know who we are. If you don’t know who you are, you’ll believe what any other person says about you (right or wrong)
    Well done babe! 😘
    I’m proud of you😉

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