The Search for Freedom

It’s the new world, the world as we know it now with the presence of the Covid-19 virus and the reality of staying indoors to help protect ourselves and the world at large.

The new safety rule

I had been indoors and on the “lockdown” mode days before my country (Nigeria) imposed the lockdown for the state I reside In. For my lockdown I’m basically with colleagues, no family or loved ones and few people I’d call friends and I’m constantly working , sometimes overworking and repeating the little number of clothing I packed because I didn’t anticipate it would take this long (human weakness😥).

Almost two weeks into the lock down, I started having emotional bouts, I kept staring at the roads I needed to take a walk badly , I wanted to see the skies as I walked on the road , I wanted to have conversations with myself and make interesting observations while walking . I missed loved ones and the familiar faces of my friends. I MISSED FREEDOM!

Freedom to make the choice about going on a visit to see a friend or loved one, freedom to choose not to step out of my comfort zone, freedom to decide to take an evening stroll, freedom to decide what exactly I wanted to eat amongst others.

Can I please step out 😥?

Oh well yes! A larger percentage of the people in my country are in hunger and poverty and they are dealing with way worse than the loss of freedom, they are dealing with survival SIGHS!

Hey! This wasn’t to make you put up a sad face , it’s just to let you know that we all have our moments and i miss the presence of freedom like some of us do . One thing is sure : THIS TOO SHALL PASS🙅‍♂️

And so till then , we gotta live in these moments and experience them as well as we can no matter how trying they may be because when they do pass we would reminisce and NO! I do not want you reminiscing in regrets. From me to you, please stay safe and keep hope alive.

One of my many indoor shots with one of each of my favorite pieces of jewellery (bracelets and rings)

P.S: Viva La Vida

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31 thoughts on “The Search for Freedom

  1. Freedom to me is as defined by Albert Camus; Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better. This has been what i have been searching for during this trying period. Its like a break i have yearned for for long where i get to have enough time meditating and planning without having to worry about the world leaving you behind. It is to me God’s way of putting a pause to everything and putting sense to many… What i miss the most is seeing my beloved and nothing more.

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    1. Mooktar , your perspective hits differently on so many levels. Thank you for sharing this insight. I understand perfectly about seeing your beloved, I hope you keep the love alive. Cheers to Freedom. I also hope to hear more from on you on this journey of perspectives.


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