On my way to work sometime ago, a daily life scenario occurred.

A young man (let’s call him Uncle) was walking to the bus-stop where he would get a bus going to Ajah(Lagos), he was on the appropriate lane as such facing the oncoming vehicles heading to Ajah.

Fortunately a commercial bus with the bus conductor’s head outside the window shouted Ajah while driving at the normal bouncing speed associated with a commercial bus in a good condition

Uncle said “yes” to the shout of the Ajah. The following played out:

Conductor: attempts to ensure the bus slows down to pick up uncle
Uncle: was quite some distance from the bus and then he suddenly pauses and has a rethink “should I join the bus or not?”
Conductor: continues process of halting the bus for uncle i mean he was intentional about uncle

At this point, other vehicles are being forced to slow down due to the commercial bus’s intentionality about uncle

Uncle: keeps thinking “do I just let the bus go and keep walking or attempt to go and join the bus?”, I see it clearly on his face the indecision, the struggle .

Commercial bus finally stops just like that in the middle of the road waiting for uncle, other vehicles were forced to stop and start looking for alternatives (patience or switch to the other side of the lane)

Uncle:” let me just turn back and keep walking this can’t work, it’s quite a distance”. I see it clearly uncle is giving up and about to turn back.

At this point, the vehicle directly behind the commercial bus is already attempting to swerve and continue the rudely interrupted journey (” I could imagine the annoyance and frustration running through his mind like all these commercial vehicles in Lagos city self kilooode?”)

I was an onlooker but in my mind, I was already saying uncle you are supposed to run and hop on that bus. Like if you are waiting for any more sign of intentionality, you missed it already.

It burned in my heart I had to say it out “you are supposed to run and catch up with that bus” he looks back at me, acknowledges my statement and takes the first step and boom! uncle is on a sprint to join the bus, he caught up with the bus and the conductor opens the door to the front seat (I mean the most comfortable seat in a commercial bus for me though)

I watch uncle go and I’m happy for him after an “smh” motion though lol!


  1. When someone is intentional about you and has taken steps, you should at least reward with one step out of your comfort zone and your first step brings on the sprint.
  2. We need to recognise opportunities and pray for our senses to be at alert any time they come around.
  3. We need people around no matter who they are or how they appear to be, sometimes your push comes externally.
  4. Intentionality can come from unimagined places.(I was “shooked” at how that conductor ensured uncle entered, he practically waited for uncle to make a decision, uncle was supposed to attempt sprinting immediately he saw the first sign, although I understood his scepticism, it was hard to believe the bus was going to stop like that)

A lot of perspectives and lessons for me in a few minutes scenario.

P.S: Viva La Vida

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25 thoughts on “INTENTIONALITY

  1. Just to let you know you’re doing a great job here. Proud of you.

    Yes I know the concept of being intentional. My pastor at ibadan @niyieboda always bring it into our ears and that makes me intentional about so everything in my life.

    But this perspective is an eye opener. Thanks alot and keep soaring

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Mrs Beauty 😊❤.
      This melted my heart like liquid caramel . I’m honoured this blessed you . Thank you for cheering me on and letting me know you are proud of me , I am honoured ma❤❤❤


  2. hmm…initially this write up appeared to me as a cliche lagos street story but then along the line i started developing some thoughtful perspectives. Then your first perspective hit me at the right spot which stuck like glue. Thanks for this short and insightful write up.

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  3. This is really nice Tolu. Being intentional, listen and taking steps. We are sometimes the push or we need a push. Thanks for sharing dear.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Often, we don’t know who/what is rooting for us while we are slacking. Nobody should
      ignore any shove simply because it’s rough or didn’t come the way they expected it. Be a DOER at all times.


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