My name is Tolulope Abimbola, and yes I am blogging officially for the first time. In the real world, I shuffle between information technology support, sharing my thoughts on my Whatsapp status, communicating with people as often as I need to, listening to and discovering new music, writing picture quotes for Instagram, communicating with God and basically just living life (Viva La Vida).

This is me on a perfect face beat and with my faithful haircut. P.S: I do not like to splash my pictures everywhere, but so you can put a face to the name, here we go.

I have always been an instagram writer (@tolulope_inspire) and a journal writer. I decided to launch into blogging in order to share my life musings and perspectives with a wider audience, connect with more people, and gain more perspectives into life from these connections.

In this world, I would be sharing daily life shenanigans, inspiring ideas and positive perspectives to life. I anticipate an exciting journey and I would like to say welcome and let’s dive into this journey together.

P.S: Viva La Vida

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Perspectives and Inspiration

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